Pete Repeat is truly post-punk—the Los Angeles band is the culmination of bassist/vocalist Oren Cohen’s decades of experience in the LA and Bay Area punk scenes. Locked in his studio during the pandemic, Cohen channeled his frustration into the band’s first twenty songs, imbuing them with cold intensity and an unabashed rawness. While Cohen initially played and produced everything himself, Pete Repeat quickly expanded as the world opened back up. Cohen’s longtime musical collaborator Danny Rivera took over on the drums, and session guitarist Drew DeRieux joined as a permanent member soon after. Cohen, Rivera, and DeRieux came together to bring Pete Repeat out of isolation and onto the stage.  

Prior to Pete Repeat, Cohen was a successful chef that pivoted to cannabis, utilizing his talents for bespoke edible, vape and beverage formulations. Products he creates can be found in dispensaries all across the US. 

The band’s debut album, titled Time Ruins Everything is mastered by the legendary Howie Weinberg, known for his work with  Nirvana, Metallica, Beastie Boys, and many more.

Commenting on the record Cohen says: 
This group of songs really digs into human isolation. We’ve strayed so far from our natural biological order. This lack of connection to our animal essence only deepens the divide between psyche and soul. Time Ruins Everything is my scrapbook of emotional trauma and triumph. It explores our collective lack of connection and how hungry we are to feel wanted and loved.

album available everywhere 

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